Book Suggestion: A great book to put some things in perspective


Reading “The Life Changing Magic of not giving a f*ck” has helped me prioritize my time, energy and happiness. Through a conversational, yet no bluff writing style, Sarah Knight delivers an easy and relatable step-by-step guide to get rid of mental clutter.  I now try to compartmentalize thoughts, people and obstacles in my life by if they bring me joy or annoy. It’s simple theoretically. I maximize the things that bring me joy and minimize the things that bring annoy me, contingent on factors including, relations, money, health, etc.

This book has drastically made my journey to happiness a lot easier. I’m more in tune with what makes me happy and what causes me distress. Working through all of these mental puzzles can be long and enduring, but in the long run it is all quite necessary. It also gets easier the more you practice!  It definitely helps that this book is an easy read with a (f)un twist on the English dialect. This book does not guide you to becoming a cold person with little to no regard for others, instead it helps you decide what is important and what is worth your energy.

Learning, loving and accepting myself is all work….and I’m working on it. I hope you’ll work on your journey too.


ART simply Undone.


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