Celebration Spotlight: Nancey Price

ART Note: There were a lot of hard decisions I had to make when I started creating my blog, however picking my first feature for the ‘Celebration Spotlight’ was not one of them.


Today it is my pleasure to celebrate someone who I have the privilege to call a friend, confidant and inspiration, the incomparable Nancey Price.

Graduating from Mercer University, Nancey has created her own path with style and grace. She is currently on the journey of writing her first book in conjunction with having a full-time job and attending graduate school. As if that is not enough, she is also the owner and creator of the Collage Whispherer, where she creates dynamic works of art that will move you to tears, jubilation and pure satisfaction.

Nancey also started and runs the ‘Malawi Girl Project‘, an initiative for women and adolescent girls in Zomba, Malawi. Through grassroot efforts, Nancey has been able to supply the girls and young women of Chuluchosema with feminine hygiene products to aid in their overall comfort and cleanliness as they endure through their monthly menstrual cycles.

With all of those things on her plate, Nancey still makes time to be a loving daughter, sister, friend, charitable citizen and an overall amazing person. To know her is to love her. So I would like to not only celebrate Nancey today, but to say thank you. Thank you for all you do and we appreciate you!

You can check out Nancey’s blog about her book journey here.

Check out some of Nancey’s amazing collages! You can see more and shop here.



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