Chill, we’re just getting started!


Chill were just getting started

As millennials, so many of us have this mental timeline in our head of when we will have our life together. To most of us that means around the tender age of 30 years old. After we’ve figured out life, it’s basically smooth sailing. Cheers to the good life!

However (if you can’t tell by now, there’s always an however), if you put that all into perspective, from the age of 18 to around 30 we expect to figure out everything life has to offer us and get it accordingly. Honestly 18 might be pushing it, so let’s just say 21. That gives you less than 10 years to plan and execute what happens with your entire life which is statistically around 78 years or longer. So you use 1/8 of your life deciding the rest of the 7/8’s of your life. How freaking crazy does that sound!?! Like who taught us this!

I know way too many people who think 30 is old. Hell, I did for the longest time as well! But it’s truly not, it’s just the beginning. As someone whose is only 24, I’ve felt many times that I should have everything together by now. Together as in my mental, physical and emotional states. If I’m even a step behind I’m basically doomed for the rest of my life. However, lately I’ve been talking to a plethora of different family members and friends and I’ve found people I consider “adults” or “elders” still have a lot of crap they are working on. They are still writing their stories and it’s not on autopilot or repeat each year. They haven’t just lived their life and are now waiting until the Lord comes and takes them to glory. Instead, they are still finding their way to happiness, redefining themselves and trying to reach new goals.

While I’ve been trying to get a well-defined version of myself, I’ve found comfort in finding that I’m on no timeline but my own. No matter how old we are or how much we’ve accomplished, we are still undone to a certain extent. I think it is all quite amazing and beautiful.

I say that I’m working on self-discovery, but honestly it’s just discovering who I am now and where I want the next version of me to go. That next version will come with new challenges, findings and wonderful memories. That’s the beautiful thing about life, until you take your last breath, you have a chance to start over, learn yourself again and redefine yourself. You also have a chance to embrace who you are now, not rush the process and enjoy the ride.

So, don’t fret if you don’t have it all figured out. No one has it all together. It is your job to make your journey the best it can be for you. No matter if you are right on the track, far ahead or a few steps behind, make your next move your best move.

You may find that you accomplish all your goals, I truly hope you do. Just remember that no one has your story. Everyone has their own journey and once you acknowledge that, you will appreciate others for who they are and cheer them on for where they are going.

Good luck on your journey and know that I will be cheering you on every step of the way!


ART simply and proudly Undone.

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