One Year Down: What I Learned During My First Year of Full-time Adulting

First Year of Full-Time Adulting

Today marks my first work-aversary! I can honestly say this monumental moment signifies more than me just growing professionally, but personally as well. So let’s just get into a few things I’ve learned this year of full-time adulting!

Adulting is a team effort

No matter if it is a work project or life in general, you’ll need support in some way, shape or fashion. I’ve learned to hone in on my essential relationships, including the one with myself. Just because you are “adulting” doesn’t mean you are doing everything alone. Instead, it means that you are taking responsibility for your actions, including some child-like mistakes you may make on the way. Emotional, mental, physical or professional support is essential in this adulting process, just make sure you don’t lean to hard on that support because it will/can stunt your growth.

 Finding a solution to a problem is easier than finding someone or something to blame.

You will make mistakes. It’s almost unavoidable to think you won’t. However, the most important thing about getting this whole adulting thing down is realizing that the solution is almost always more important than focusing on the problem. If you make a mistake, find a way to resolution, not a pity party.

Saving Matters.

I can’t even begin to tell you who much money I’ve spent based on impulse. You should and need to have an emergency fund. You may have to start off super small, but it’s the efforts that matter. I’ve had many unexpected expenses come my way and if it wasn’t for pure miracles, good people and some clutch clients, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through. You may not be able to save thousands and thousands of dollars, but trust me when your mom or dad tells you to save money for a rainy day, they are only trying to help you.

Positive energy attracts positive people

What you put out into the universe has a way of coming back to you. Trust me, I’ve learn time and time again that being a genuinely good person pays off. No matter what or who may be against you, people will see the good in you and will be attracted to that energy.

Sometimes you’ll have to call bs on your own crap

Someone will not always be there to let you know you’re slipping. Especially in the work environment, you don’t want to let yourself slip until you have to have a talk with your boss or manager. Instead, have the wisdom to see when you aren’t pulling your weight and call yourself out. There aren’t any parent teacher conferences while adulting, so get it together.

Calm Down, it’s a process.

Adulting is a process. Honestly I believe that no matter how old you are, you’re still learning how to adult. You can be 50 and still not have it figured out. The only differences between a 20 year old and 50 year old is time and amount of people that look to them for advice. That doesn’t mean they have all the answers, it just means due to age we expect them to. Sidenote: Yes, I know there are obvious other differences, but you get where I’m going J.

Make More Memories!

Every day we wake up with our dreams in mind. No matter what the dream is, it usually will take time to reach it. In the interim between the time we decide on a dream to accomplishing the dream, the world doesn’t stop. Don’t forget to make memories with the people who mean the most to you and enjoy the process. Time is too precious for you not to make every day count.

So that’s all folks… for now!

Living, dreaming, working, progressing…. It’s all work and I’m working on it.


ART simply Undone

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