Unplugged: Finding a Peace of Mind


This week has been quite peaceful for me overall. Other than doing hair, my other projects have been pretty chill so I have had time to just relax. Yesterday, I came home, ate and watched the entire new season of Chewing Gum. I didn’t even open my laptop until I was fully rejuvenated and it felt great. Today after work I took an amazing nap and now I’m in a very productive mood.

After I woke up from my glorious nap, I opened my phone to find some less than thrilling news articles, per usual. While, I won’t divulge much more information about that, what I will say is that it rocked me a little bit. I’ve been in great spirits lately, and I realized that as I was scrolling through my timelines, I felt myself becoming bogged down.  This has happened one too many times and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate so I tell you this:

You need to know what is going on in the world. You need/should care. You should also do as much as you can to make society a better place.  However, it becomes a point where you can almost self-torture yourself by trying to put the whole world on your shoulders. I believe in good people. I believe in fighting for what is right. I believe in doing all you can to make this world a better place. I also believe in making sure that you are okay as an individual. You are no good if you run-down, anxious, fearful or emotionally exhausted. Sometimes you need to unplug. Sometimes you need to make sure that you are okay. Sidenote: This can be applied to life in various instances as well.

If you find yourself immersing yourself in all that is going on in the world and continuously carrying that emotion-burden on yourself, it is time to disconnect from the world and re-connect with yourself. You can’t feel bad for taking some time to yourself. I’ll never forget riding from the airport with my Uncle Ronnie in Colorado. He was talking to me about grades, but something he told me has stuck with me over ten years later. He simply said that all you can do is your best; once you do your best, you can’t feel bad about anything else.

This is not a post about being selfish, this is a post speaking to those that find themselves trying to fight the world, but instead find themselves only fighting their way out of the edge of depression or anxiety due to the fear of what could or has happened.

So, fight those battles that mean the most to you and fight for what’s right, but also fight for you. Make sure you are providing yourself with the mental rest you deserve. At the end of the day it’s your peace that will help you sleep at night, so just don’t forget about yourself.


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