Are you on autopilot? Yeah, me too.

Shame - Autopilot

I’ve found myself coasting. Doing everything I’m supposed to do, while doing less of what I need to do to reach new heights. Autopilot comes with an excellent view, but the risk of coasting is great.

Imagine you are the pilot of a plane. You have reached your comfortable flying zone and now you hit the beloved autopilot button. You pay attention to the way you are going and put some effort into steering, but overall you aren’t exhorting much energy because this zone comes with little risk and some reward. You’re just chilling.

However, something happens. Either by turbulence, chance or disruption, you have to take control of your plane to stop from crashing. You are now off autopilot and have complete control of your plane. Every decision you make either takes you higher or lower. With this newfound control, you realize that you have the power to rise to the occasion, find your coasting altitude once again or sink lower than you were before. You decide to get back in your comfort zone.

So here we are, back coasting. It feels good, not great. You aren’t doing bad, you are doing just enough. You look above to see all those people who have decided to take their planes off autopilot and really push the limits. They may waiver, but nevertheless they keep moving forward. As the planes below you give you a confidence booster, the planes above make you realize that you have yet to reach new heights. This isn’t about ego, this is about self-reflection. At that very moment you can’t help but ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to reach new heights or are you comfortable and satisfied coasting by in the low-risk zone?

The risk of taking control is great. You may dip. You may soar. Something completely out of your control may highjack all your progress. However, you will never know until you give yourself a chance. The thing is that once that decision is made, you’ll start to feel the effect of every move you make. Sometimes you may find yourself falling off. The frustrating and beautiful thing about your flight is that it’s so easy to feel yourself descending, but your ascension to new heights may not be realized until you stop to look at your new surroundings. You’ve seen everything below you, but you have yet to experience all that lies above you. That’s when a little coasting comes in handy.

So, are you on autopilot or are you taking control of your life and pushing forward? I can admit that I’ve been on autopilot. I’ve found myself exhorting enough Alena energy to get by, knowing that I can and should be taking control of my plane to reach new heights. So, I’m going to take control and soar. I hope you’ll do the same.


ART simply Turning off Autopilot

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