Celebration Spotlight: You!

Celebrating You

Let me give you some loving!

You. You are a masterpiece! You are a priceless piece of art that never loses its value no matter your mistakes.

You were chosen. You have been put on earth, readily equipped with everything you need to reach your highest level of greatness. All you have to do is acknowledge it, unlock it and demand it.

You have the capabilities to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

You are enough. You are enough right here and right now. You are the sight of perfection and nothing less.

You’ve accomplished so much thus far. You should be proud! I’m proud of you! The amazing thing is that you still have so much more in store. You know deep down within that your potential is endless; now it’s time to believe that it is obtainable.

You have power. Power to change the narrative of not only your life but the ones around you by simply deciding to live in your truth. Your purpose, your calling is one of a kind. No one can do what you can do and there’s power in your vision.

You are exceptional! Your aura exudes excellence and prosperity. People see the greatness in you, even if they never speak it.

You inspire. You inspire others to go after their dreams because you do so, unapologetically.

Your imperfections don’t break you, they create a more intriguing and enticing picture. Your imperfections make you more approachable and that’s what people love about you. You aren’t afraid to show your scars while you shoot for the stars.

You’re getting there. One step at a time, you are making progress. One step at a time, you are stepping into your glory.

You blow my mind because sometimes I don’t know if you know how amazing you are. I hope you see your value and never offer discounts.

So, today I celebrate you. I celebrate you no matter where you are in your journey because what’s in you and coming from you doesn’t go unseen. I see you. I’m cheering for you. I believe in you. So, keep moving forward and I’ll be in your corner cheering for you the entire way.


ART simply Undone.

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