Just Walk With Me

Cuba - Just walk with me

*Cues Frank Ocean’s “Biking”

You ever feel such a calmness in your spirit, it almost feels like you’re having an outer body experience? Walk with me.

We’re walking the streets of Obispo in Havana, Cuba. We’re walking to get a drink from the famous Floridita Bar and souvenirs about five blocks down. There’s people walking with radios hanging from their bags, playing the Hot 100 from 2012. There’s a long line outside of the internet place where people buy their internet cards. A line is a stretch; it’s more like organized chaos.

As the walk continues, I’m asked if I want to see the menu at the restaurant I ate at yesterday, but kindly decline. I hear the angelic voice of the man singing his heart out to the rhythm of the drums. It’s so enticing, but I stay on course.

It’s only a six-minute walk, but since we’re people watching, it seems a lot longer. We’re in no rush.

I see the tourists lined up with their phones to get cold coconut water, but I’m more interested in the people. I’m more interested in the grandmother dancing to the music in the middle of the street with no care in the world. I’m more interested in looking and analyzing all the people who are just living and not vacationing.

Rarely do I see anyone on their phones. Instead, there are kids as young as five hanging out with their friends. They feel safe and no one bothers them. They’re in their own world and I’m fascinated. I’m fascinated because as I was walking early, I seen the inside of their homes that have exposed stone, but none of that matters. They may have all the worries in the world, but it doesn’t show. They dance to the music of the boomboxes. They kick the soccer balls. They laugh. My goodness, they laugh and it fills my heart.

It’s humbling. I don’t feel bad for them. I admire them. Finding joy and happiness in the simplest ways. From young to old, they somehow exude a confidence in satisfaction I rarely see. I feel full of life. I can’t wait to walk back. I can’t wait to indulge myself into their world just for a little while longer. I’ll never completely understand, but I’ll try with an open mind.

Thanks for walking with me.

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