7 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Life and Buy a Flight!

Cues Khalid’s “Let’s Go


Deciding to travel the world is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Walking through a new city, observing locals and tourists is one of my favorite things to do. I like the idea of getting lost (within reason) and submersing myself into the unknown. Finding corner cafes, hideaway shops, kind locals, good food and amazing deals are some of the fondest memories I have of traveling. While that is some of the reasons I love traveling, everyone has their own story and reasons. So, enough about me, this is why you should get out and travel!

  1. It’s Cheap!

Google Flights, Airbnb, and good friends can make a usual expensive trip, fairly cheap. I’ve found roundtrip tickets to Chicago, from Atlanta for around $70, baggage and extras excluded. Depending on how you like to travel, you can rent an Airbnb room for around $50 a night. Flights to Cuba are as low as $200 depending on your time of travel. I recently booked my next vacation to a tropical destination for less than $200. Finding the right time and place to travel can fit into also anyone’s budget. Crazy, right?

  1. There’s no better time than now!

There will always be a million and one reasons why you shouldn’t travel. However, you just need to find one great reason and make it work. No, don’t get evicted, but there are a lot of trips that may be in your budget if you really look. If it will be a little strenuous on you, I say take the risk. Don’t spend all your life working and not living.

  1. You may learn something new about the world or yourself

I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about myself through traveling. From my patience, tolerance, openness to my quick-thinking, traveling puts you in a new environment that will more than likely test you on some level. You also have the great opportunity to get out of your bubble and immerse yourself in a new culture or way of life. It’s beautiful. Some of the lessons may be good, some may be bad, but as long as you learn something, it’s a lesson worth-while.

  1. The world has so much to offer!

The world has so much to offer you and you’ll never know until you experience it. You could travel to a different city in the state you live or on the other side of the world and find everything you’ve ever been looking for.

  1. It’s fun!

I believe this is self-explanatory and a little cliché, but it’s true! The world is literally a big playground and you should get on as many rides and you can. Get off the tired swing set and go play on a new ride. Even if you return to your beloved swing set, at least you can say you tried something new.

  1. Oh, the pictures and experiences you’ll have!

The amount of beauty that the world possesses is immense and abundant. It’s a shame more people don’t experience some of the great wonders. From the people you’ll meet to the places you’ll see; it will make you question why you didn’t travel sooner.

  1. Did I mention the food?

Forget McDonald’s and Burger King, even my beloved Panera Bread. There are people ready to prepare you the most life-changing meal you’ve ever had. While cooking is great and I’m sure your mother can throw down, your taste buds deserve some of the deliciousness the world has to offer! I could easily name five restaurants that changed my life forever. So, come on, the fresh pasta is calling your name!

Yes, this is only 7 reasons and yes I could probably give you a 100 more, but that’s no fun. I want you to experience this world. I want to hear your stories. If there is any way I can help you (within reason), let me know!


ART simply trying to catch a flight

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