Celebration Spotlight: Danae Edmonds

Celebrating - Danae Edmonds

*Cues the Beyoncé Partition instrumental

Heyyyyy Ms.Edmonds!,

Today, we’re celebrating someone who is the epitome of perseverance, passion and creative genius, Danae A. Edmonds!

So, let me introduce you. Danae is a creator, writer, marketing genius, activist, mentor, friend and so much more! Somehow, she still finds time to work a full-time job and take care of her dog, Ziggy. When I told her that I wanted to celebrate her, she wanted me to emphasize that she doesn’t have it all together and she’s not perfect. That I will oblige, but I’ll also emphasize that she is the epitome of everything we stand for at ART Undone, a BEAUTIFUL masterpiece that’s still working on it. What more could you ask for?

More than any labels that appropriately fit Danae, what stands out to me the most is the label, “student”. She’s a student of life, career, and wisdom. She doesn’t just say she is going to do something but takes the time to learn, initiate and execute. On this journey of personal and professional growth, many people forget that they are a student first and an expert second. From attending conferences to interviewing people she admires, looking from the outside, I can’t help but want to get my life together when I see Danae in action.

It brings me nothing but pleasure to celebrate someone who continues to push me to be a better person every day, even if she doesn’t know it. From meeting her as a freshman in college, I’ve seen her presence and light shine onto so many people. It’s not a facade, it’s the authenticity of her truth that makes her unforgettable.

She is full of life and it’s contagious. Through everything that she does, her authenticity finds a way to take the spotlight. She is a good person. That phrase may seem light, but I put much weight on such a phrase. Never discount being a good person.

So, everyone, let’s celebrate Danae Edmonds, a creative innovator that consistently pushes the envelope! She deserves all the praise for overcoming obstacles that many won’t ever know about while still finding a way to aspire to be more and inspiring those who watch in awe.

Let’s celebrate someone who makes everything look so effortless. Let’s celebrate someone who looks to build a community grounded in growth, sisterhood and entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s celebrate someone who is just getting started and has so much more to give!

Danae, I’m honored to celebrate someone of such magnitude because you inspire me to continue to push forward with my flaws and all.

So, I hope this made you smile as much as you’ve been a ray of sunlight in so many people’s lives. Continue to live your best life and grow into the beautiful masterpiece that you are.

While you are all here, be sure to follow Danae’s new digital space, Aspiring Co., designed to aid and inspire women everywhere to be fearless, dazzling and fabulous! It’s aspiration, inspiration, and apparel for women by women.




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