Are You Setting Yourself Up for Failure?

The other night I was getting ready for bed by going through my normal routine, which included setting 4 alarm clocks on my “SureFire Alarm Clock” App. As I was doing this, I realized I did this exact thing every single night without fail.

It was my “goal” to wake up on the first alarm. However, by setting 4 alarms let me know that I wasn’t really planning to wake up to any of them but the last one. Psychologically, I tricked myself into thinking I was doing the right thing, but in reality, I was setting up myself to fail.

For the past couple of months (okay, maybe longer), it has been my dream to become a morning person (No pun intended). Even if it only lasted for a few weeks, I wanted to be able to say I did it. However, with this alarm clock epiphany, I soon came to the realization that I’m not providing myself with a solid foundation to follow through. As much as it sounds good, I’m almost intentionally setting myself up for failure.

So that brings me to this question: what are you doing that will almost certainly make you fail? What plans are you making with actions that will almost always fall short? It doesn’t have to be an alarm clock. It could be going out the night before your biggest test. It could be eating Zaxby’s before you are supposed to work out. It’s so many little things we do that cause us to keep repeating the same mistakes.

We must be willing to set ourselves up for what we truly want and not the excuse that comes much easier. Are we setting ourselves up for success or are we involuntarily building the bridge to our next excuse?

This is a hard thing to answer because it means we must be utterly and completely honest with ourselves. However, it’s about time that we stop passing ourselves a lousy ball that we know won’t make it. Instead, set your feet, prepare yourself and take the most calculated shot you can.

It makes no sense that we waste so much of our own time when we could make our situation better. The same amount of energy we put into being the same is the same amount of energy we can use to make a change.

So, let’s work on the ways we are setting ourselves up for failure and fix them! Maybe, I can be like this guy at 6:00 am. The sky is the limit when you know where you can improve!


ART Undone.

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