Day One – You Can Do It, Put Some Backing Into It

Day One - Cover

As the new year approaches, the infamous wave of all the 2018 goals is flooding in like a tsunami. You’re either one of two people: A doubter or believer. Regardless of where your ideas stand on the new year, it’s something you can do right now that can make 2018 one to remember. It’s simple; Make sure whatever you are trying to accomplish this year has some significant, memorable purpose to you.

It’s so easy to make a goal and throw it out into the stratosphere without taking the time to think about why you want to accomplish that goal in the first place. It’s like saying you want a master’s degree because it sounds good, but you haven’t thought about why you want one other than the fact that it sounds good and all your friends are getting one. The issue with good-looking goals is that just because they sound good, doesn’t make them good for you. What makes a goal good is that fact that it has some good backing to it. Your goal must have a purpose. The “why” factor is just as essential as the “what” factor. Stop solely focusing on the what and incorporate the why when planning your future.

The more you know why you want something, the better chance you have of achieving that thing. If you don’t know why then you probably don’t know how. Ever go to the grocery store without a list? More than likely you pick up things you don’t need or, even worse, you stop mid-stroll in the bread aisle and ask yourself, “Why am I here?”. It’s all because you didn’t plan.

So, here we are, heading into 2018… You probably have your goals for the year, but can you easily explain why each of those things is a goal? What makes these goals more important this year than any other goals you’ve had in mind? Do these goals just sound good or are they actually good for you? Don’t make superficial goals without the foundation to hold them up throughout the entire year, not just the first few weeks. Remember, you can do it, put some backing into it.

Planning ARTwork:

  • Come up with 3 main goals for the year and at least 2 reasons for each goal.

*Optional ARTwork:

  • If you are having a hard time coming up with 3 goals for the year, start by answering these questions as a starter:
    • How do I want this new year to feel for me?
    • What can I do to ignite those feelings?
    • How can I support myself while attempting to achieve these goals?

Of course, this is optional, but if you would like to be held accountable for starting your year off right, feel free to submit your ARTwork to Any submissions will be completely confidential.


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