Day Three – So, What You Gotta Lie For?

Day Three - Cover

You ask everyone to be honest with you, but are you honest with yourself? Think about all the lies you’ve told yourself this year. Think of all the promises you didn’t keep. Since most of the promises we make to ourselves are in the privacy of our minds, it’s a lot easier to break them than ones we keep to others. We feel a sense of accountability to others but rarely do we put that same kind of pressure on ourselves. We excuse our behavior then conveniently ‘forget it ever happened’.

Confession time: I lie to myself a lot and it’s not okay. I say I’m going to do something, then I let myself down. Since I’m the only one who knows that, it’s easier to get over. However, writing this for the world to see isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Back to the lesson, before we enter into the new year, let’s start being honest with ourselves. Take time to think about all the times you blatantly lied to yourself. Think about all the times you said you were going to do something and just conveniently didn’t follow-through. Now, imagine if that was your significant other doing all those things to you. Would you consistently take that kind of behavior? I would hope not. Instead, you would tell him or her you aren’t going to take that kind of treatment. You have to condition yourself to do that same thing with yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Treat yourself better. Love yourself more. It’s not about getting it all perfect, but trying to be the best version of yourself for the most important person of them all, you.

So, before we head into the new year, sit down and have a conversation with yourself (no, not in public). Think through ways that you can improve your relationship with yourself. Identify behaviors that you have that you don’t like and figure out ways to change. Let it all out and be brutally honest with yourself. It may be difficult, but constructive criticism will take you a long way.

At the end of the day, you trust yourself the most so don’t let yourself down.

Planning ARTwork:

Write down the top 3 lies you’ve told yourself or 3 times you’ve really let yourself down. Think of why you do this and flip these shortcomings into goals that you can have for the new year.

Of course, this is optional, but if you would like to be held accountable for starting your year off right, feel free to submit your ARTwork to Any submissions will be completely confidential.


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