Day Six – Did You Forget Your Presents?

Day Six - Cover

Christmas just passed, and no matter your beliefs, everyone loves gifts. As time passes, our gift requests become less of our wants and more of our needs. Of course, we would all like to drive off in a new Bentley for Christmas, but a rent check might make us best friends. Now, as we ask (or wish) for certain gifts, more than likely to get us through the next year, I have to ask… What did you get yourself?

Yes, the new Fenty Beauty or new Jordans count as a gift to yourself, but let us dig a little deep than that. Take me for example, I’m gifting myself with a peace of mind this year as well as a see-through ‘piggy bank’ to remember my travel goals. While the second gift is easier to unwrap than the first, the first goal is still attainable. How? I’ve identified and eliminated some of the unnecessary things that tend to ruffle my feathers. Example: I’m a social media junky. Yes, it is part of my job, but a lot of it is useless. Filtering out the content I see helps me to have a more enjoyable experience. Yes, we can get a lot deeper, but that’s another blog for another day and your gifts should be custom made.

So, as much thought and time we take to pick out the perfect gift for others, we should do the same for ourselves. Pick a gift that keeps on giving and that will help you throughout the next year!

Planning ARTwork:

If you haven’t already, pick a gift for yourself and make a plan on how you will use this gift throughout the next year.

If you did get yourself a gift, think of a non-material gift you can give yourself for the upcoming year.


Tell how the Lessons have been working for you by leaving a comment or emailing the email below.

Of course, this is optional, but if you would like to be held accountable for starting your year off right, feel free to submit your ARTwork to Any submissions will be completely confidential and act as an additional submission into the 10 Day l 10 ART Lessons Giveaway.

10 Day l 10 ART Lessons Giveaway

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Dec. 18 - 10 ART Lessons


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