About ART

11536147_10206493543514366_1554376284223580023_nWhile it would be super cool to be named ART, I’m sorry to break the news that my name is actually Alena. I hope not too bad of a disappointment because I love my name. ART is the coincidental, yet fateful acronym I was given by my lovely Aunt Cicily (she is going to love that I mentioned her).

I am a 20-something marketer who loves to travel the world, talk on the phone for countless hours, preach confidence and self-love, give unwarranted advice to anyone I think I can help while also having the magical ability to find the best restaurants in town no matter where I am.

I graduated from Mercer University in 2015 with a B.B.A in International Business and Management with a minor in Economics. Once I found my love for marketing, it was a little too late to make the change, so instead, I did what any self-enabling person would do and got an internship in marketing and never looked back.

You may be wondering what exactly to expect from this blog. Well, expect a little bit of ART, undone. Expect a lot of inspiration, no-nonsense honesty, some unforgivable grammatical errors, ridiculous amounts of positivity, a plus-size helping of confidence boosters and cute outfits, nibble and bits of professional advice, a fair share of Alena Ideas (soon to be trademarked) and last but not least, a lot of me just being me. ART, simply undone. For those that may be a little overwhelmed, don’t worry, all these categories will be tagged accordingly :-).

I’m a real person that can’t be put in a box or category. You may take one look at me or my blog and think you have me figured out. However, just like any work of art, the closer you look, the quicker you find that one piece of art is made up of numerous layers, various colors, different techniques, and unknown inspirations. I have found that the most beautiful works of art are rarely finished and simply ongoing or in my case forever undone.