10 Day ART Lessons

Welcome to 10 Days of ART Lessons! A mini-series focused on preparing everyone for a new beginning, as needed. No matter if you are at the beginning of the year, middle of the year or a random Thursday afternoon, this is a perfect way to get started on your new journey. 

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Day One – You Can Do It, Put Some Backing Into It

Day One - Cover

Yes, you can accomplish all your goals this year, but have you already skipped one important step?

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Day One – Don’t Come To The Party Empty-Handed

Day Two - Cover

This upcoming year is your party, so dance if you want to, cry if you want to, but my goodness, please don’t come empty-handed.

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Day Three – So, What You Gotta Lie For?

Day Three - Cover

There’s no such thing as a beautiful liar! Are you the one that betrays yourself the most? Let’s talk about it!

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Day Four – We’re Getting Into Risky Business

Day Four - Cover

No matter how much you plan, truth is, life still happens. Just keep swimming!

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Day Five – Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It!Day Five - Cover

This race is a marathon. Don’t stop now, we’re just getting started!

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Day Six – Did You Forget Your Presents?

Day Six - Cover

So, what did you get yourself for the holiday? If you didn’t get anything, it’s not too late!

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Day Seven- Break Up With Them!

Day Seven - Cover

Taken from one of my favorite podcasts, “The Read”, the mantra of Break Up With Him crosses all genres of relationships.

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Day Eight- You Deserve Better!

Day Eight - Cover

You deserve better than this! Remember, in order to get better you have to do better. Are you up for the Challenge to get there? I have an idea! Let’s get started!

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Day Nine – Remember Who The Hell You Are!

Day Nine - Cover

When you know your worth, you act different, you walk different and you talk different. So, when in doubt, you have to remember who the hell you are!

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Day Ten – Live Your Best Life Right Now!

Day Ten - Cover

You need to start living your best life now. Like. Right. Now. You need to wake up and know that you can make the absolute best of each and every second of your life by making great decisions.

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