Lessons I’ve Learned from Playing Tetris


I’ve recently re-discovered Tetris while trying to get away from Social Media… Here are some lessons I’ve learned while playing this classic game…

• Sometimes you get so in your groove, you don’t see when things are starting to speed up. Don’t panic. Keep your momentum up and focus on the task at hand.

• Not every mistake comes with a big lesson. If you can catch it soon enough, some things are easy fixes if you can identify them.

• It’s easy to stay on the same level once you’ve done it soo many times. No matter what level you achieve, if you continue to play the game, it becomes second-nature.

• If you want to grow, you might have to sit up and put in some work. Incremental change can seem easy, but once you gain some momentum, stay focused, it’s critical.

• Stay calm when things get hectic. When life is coming at you fast, this is the most critical time to stay calm and find your plan of action.  The more frantic you get, the less you can focus on the task at hand. Once you’ve leveled out, take time to decompress and reflect.

• Pay attention to the patterns. Do you find yourself falling into the same traps? Consistently making the same mistakes? Identify the patterns or even the set up that makes you act a certain way.

• Sometimes you just need to hit reset. If you see yourself heading towards destruction or failure and the foundation you laid is rocky, know when it’s time to reset and start over. Sometimes you can fight your way through the mess, but sometimes you need a moment to get yourself together to weather the storm.

• Sometimes you need a timeout. It’s better to disconnect than have to completely disappear.

• Everything and everyone isn’t going to fit into your life. Sometimes you try to make them fit and it backfires. The quicker you can jump over that hurdle, the better.

• Take time to think. If you aren’t present, you aren’t going to go far. When you’re in the game, make sure you’re present or you may lose your opportunity.

• Have fun! Life is a game with real consequences. Play it as best you can, but don’t take it too seriously.


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